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CRM solutions / Bank

Many authorities expect a rebirth of banking services to happen when banks change their approach to customer service and offer better service. Banks may implement this approach by:

  • Rationalizing product portfolios.
  • Reengineering sales processes.
  • Delivering greater personalization.
  • Maximizing cross-selling, up-selling.

Successful experience of implementing CRM in banking and unique knowledge of the realities of financial markets and their processes enable bpm'online to provide CRM solutions in banking sector (banking CRM software) for the following goals:


Corporate Banking

  • Differentiate customer segments and use product-to-segment matrix.
  • Manage customer lifecycle.
  • Analyze strategic and tactical customer profitability.
  • Implement business process to optimize customer acquisition.
  • Automate credit processing.
  • Manage sales process for deposit, cash management services, and credit card.
  • Increase cross-sales and up-sales.
  • Use CRM for banking to evaluate customer satisfaction.
  • Define terms of cooperation and service delivery according to customer value.

Retail Banking

  • Provide a single interface for front office with CRM in banking sector.
  • Valuate customers and segments.
  • Use profiles to tailor offers to customers.
  • Streamline cross-selling and up-selling processes.
  • Automate credit processing.
  • Optimize deposit and credit card sales processes.
  • Implement electronic document management.
  • Automate bonus calculation.

Private Banking

  • Provide quick access to complete customer information.
  • Remind about noteworthy events.
  • Run processes for customer acquisition, retention and development.


  • Segment customers. Calculate strategic and tactical value.
  • Survey and manage marketing campaigns with CRM in banking industry.
  • Select channels for target audience.
  • Evaluate promotion channels.
  • Plan monitor and evaluate marketing campaigns.
  • Analyze and monitor competitors.

Contact Center

  • Provide a single interface for front office.
  • Optimize call scripts.
  • Manage phone campaigns and surveys.
  • Streamline business processes between sales and contact center.
  • Analyze efficiency for call center.

Debt Collection

  • Manage Hard, Soft and Legal Collections.
  • Distribute tasks for Collection Calls.
  • Automate Texting and Email.
  • Automate generation of documents.
  • Monitor KPI.
  • Analyze Debt Portfolio.



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